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All American Air Filters, Inc.All American Air Filters, Inc.All American Air Filters, Inc.All American Air Filters, Inc.

Specialty (Filters)

Air Intake Systems
Supracell NRM Dollinger Air Intake Houses
Supracell NRM
• NRM - 90XL
• NRM - 90
• NRM - 60XL
• NRM - 60
Dollinger Air Intake Houses
• A1-128
• A1-138
BioMed Filters
BioMed filters  
BioMed Filters
Efficiency: 95% @ 0.3 μm
Commercial / Industrial Replacement Filters
Mini-Pleat Box Filters Supracell V Mini-Pleat
Mini-Pleat Box Filters
ASHRAE Efficiency
• 60-95%
• 95% DOP
DOP HEPA Efficiency
• 97.97% DOP
• 99.99% DOP
• 99.999% DOP
Supracell V Mini-Pleat
• Reduce Operating Cost
• Error Free Installation
• Resists Corrosion
• Resists Water
• Reduce Disposal Cost
• Lower Air Flow Resistance
• Higher Air Flow Capacity
Supracell Vacuum Filters
ASHRAE Efficiency
• 60-65%
• 80-85%
• 90-95%
Vacuum Filters
Quality HEPA Replacement
HEPA Filters
Ultraseal High Temperature Ultraseal
Ultraseal High Temperature
Certified Efficiency:
• 99.97%
Certified Efficiencies:
• 99.97%
• 99.99%
HEPA 9997 Holding Frame
HEPA 9997 Holding Frame
Transit Filters
Specialty Transit Filters
Reduce Maintenance Costs & Protect your High Dollar Investment from Road Dust, Carbon Black, Snow, Sludge, Silica & Grease, Leaves, Salt, Pollen, Feathers, Rain and Particle Laden Wind
Features Fitting Your Needs
• Reduce Maintenance Cost
• Highly Effective
• Maximum Air Flow
• Minimum Resistance
• Built to Last
• 10 Year Guarantee
• Fire Retardant
• Customized to Specific Needs
• Unlimited Designs
• Easy to Clean
• Lower Operating Costs
• Over 20 Years Experience
Rugged Filters for Rugged Environments
• Evaporator Coils
• Radiators
• Carbodies
• Trains
• Buses
• Shuttles
• Ferries
• Ships
• Electronic Equipment
• Paint Booths
• Shops
• Terminals
• Plant Facilities
• Office Buildings
Custom Filters
Care is taken to listen to the customers needs, priorities and desires when designing a solution for an application. When we "unbox" our thinking, an effective solution is the result. Let us brainstorm with you about your needs.
Photo of a turbo filter  
Turbo Filter
• Diameters from inches to 10, 20 and
   more feet
Airborne Particle

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Industries Served
Allergy Products
Apartment Complexes
Backup Systems
Bowling Alleys
1. Females engineer today’s finest electrostatic filters...
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2. It’s Only a Filter, but it can save you money
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