All American Air Filters, Inc. All American Air Filters, Inc.
Since 1977 we've served the transit, building management, electronics and OEM Marketplace - Call 800.949.1926
All American Air Filters, Inc.All American Air Filters, Inc.All American Air Filters, Inc.All American Air Filters, Inc.

About Us

Founded in 1977, All American Air Filters began by serving the local South East Florida marketplace with a small line of filters. Today, we provide a full line of air filtration products and have customers all over the world from the cold and wet climate of the Artic Circle to the arid dessert of the Middle East.

Our products are Made In the U.S.A.

Our greatest assets are our relationships with the people who are our employees, vendors and customers. We strive to meet your needs and are willing to “think out of the box” to find a solution.

Over a 10 year period a business could deposit enough ordinary air filters in a landfill that would be the equivalent of a 2500 square foot house. Our filters are recyclable and eco-friendly, just a hose for cleaning.

We actively recycle unused raw materials in our plant.

Photo of dirty filters Photo of clean filters after hose cleaning

Our Corporate Principles

Maintain integrity in all affairs
Empower each individual
Work as a TEAM since
Together Everyone Achieves More
While creating Excellence
And Innovation
on a
Foundation of Faith

Industries Served
Allergy Products
Apartment Complexes
Backup Systems
Bowling Alleys
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2. It’s Only a Filter, but it can save you money
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Airborne Particle

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